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Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm EST
administration jim baker got u.n. sanction for this operation. and it was just, we had no headquarters in the region. right now the central command has a headquarters in qatar. there was fog like that. the arab states didn't really want the americans there and on a permanent basis. so we had, all of this had to be moved first to saudi arabia not region first from the defensive operation and then in an offensive operation. so just months and months for this to even, just to prepare for this. >> and he was in charge of that. but now he was as we lewded to in the piece also criticized for making some strategic mistakes. what were those? >> well, there were well two goals primary goal its one was to evict the iraqi forces from kuwait which was done in the 100 hour ground war after six weeks of bombing, remember that. but the other one was to destroy saddam hussein's offensive powers, primarily his republican guard force. because the thinking was if you didn't destroy them, they could always come back to invade kuwait again plus there was a subtext, they were hoping to weaken s
Jan 3, 2013 3:02pm PST
vacated by jim demint-- is the senate's only black member, and the first black republican senator since 1979. freshmen on both sides will now join, in earnest, the fight over spending and taxes, as majority leader reid made clear today. >> as we advance the debate over the best way to strengthen our economy and reduce our deficit during the 113th congress, democrats will continue to stand strong for the principle of balance. >> woodruff: on the house side, republicans are still in control, albeit with fewer members-- 233 to the democrats' 200. there will be 82 freshmen: 47 democrats and 35 republicans. as in the senate, the house now has a record number of women, 81 in all. minority leader nancy pelosi held a photo op today with the women of her democratic caucus this morning. but the spotlight today was primarily on house speaker john boehner. he's coming off bruising battles over the fiscal cliff bill, within his own caucus, and criticism for delaying a vote on hurricane sandy funding. boehner grew emotional as he addressed the chamber today. >> if you have come here humbled by
Dec 26, 2012 12:00am PST
take jim demint's place, dominoes falling. what are people thinking about running kind of know each other >> a little bit. this seat could be vacant as early as next week, january 2, when they come back into session for the 113th congress. what's really interesting about this is former governor mark sanford, who for a time was a very popular republican. he fought president obama's administration on the stimulus program. he had a lot of different thingf that had him really in highin regards in conservatives. h then he had an affair. >> ifill: but he's running against or looking...le >> jenny sanford, his ex-wife, had also expressed interest in this house seat.fa what's very interesting about this, in addition to the fact that they were once married and he had this affair and wentac public and ended up leaving the governor's race in a bit of disgrace and under investigation for using state funds for t meeting his mistress-- he held this seat for three terms. this is a district he's familiar with. she was actually his campaign20 manager when he held this seat in the late 1990 as and in
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)